Continuance- The state of remaining in existence or operation. This is something that I have struggled with all of my life as a Christian. It took me the last three days to really know what this word meant and how to apply it to my daily christian life, and in my relationship with not only God, but the people in my life. 

    In Christ


     The last couple of days, reality has set in that my awesome Girlfriend will be moving, and starting grad school. Thus, I haven’t focus on the good things about this move. First and foremost it is what she wants to do, and I support her. This is what I was saying on the outside and 90% of this was true. Yet the 10% of me, the selfish me was not satisfied. I wanted her to move closer to me, which this move does, but at the same time I didn’t want it to affect our time together. Suddenly I found myself feeling like I was in competition against the one thing we all lose to.. Time.

     So, it began the paranoid selfish whispers. Will she have Time for you? You only have a month left of quality time together, She never makes Time for you! All of these things I was throwing on her. Finally it came to ahead, we talked it out, and I realized where I had fail us in the relationship. I was no longer establishing a Continuance with my Savior. I had prayed that he take these things away from me, Pride, Fear, Selfishness, ect yet I had never followed up on those things. I figured that God would just in one fail swoop take them away, and he does but that doesn’t mean these things are gone forever, it just means you have to continue to work on them.

     Demons, struggles aren’t something God displaces instantly if you don’t continue a courtship with Him, or use God as a 911 service. God takes them away when you depend on Him, and only Him to do so, over Time, in which you will be tested, trails will occur and the Relationships you form with people, and the relationship you have with God will be put on display. This is where I failed, this is where I fell short. I/We as Christians must be ones of Continuance.


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