The Essence of Love, and the Pursuit of Surrender

Before you begin reading I want you to stop and think for a while, what is the essence of Love? Go ahead give it some time? Love is something we say daily to friends and family. I love you is one of the most commonly used terms in the modern world, yet it is so very old. Yet what is the Essence of Love? For the last twenty seven years of my life I have thought I knew what this was, it was action purely action. In some circles you might be right, Love follows action. In this I believe we are only half right. Love does involve action, but that action must in itself show Love. This is where I was confused, and dumbfounded. I would do things, buy a soda, pay for a movie, and even say the words (more or less a text message in contemporary times) I love you (Enter Name, or Title).

Sadly, as with me, this is the extent of our love in the world today, a text message, or verbalizing those words all too often with some sort of action later. Yet Love requires action, and in those action(s) if it is true love from the heart the words shouldn’t be questioned when said, and shouldn’t be said very often. Love is so much more than this, it is in turn Sacrifice, as Jesus Christ demonstrated. Sacrifice does not sit well in the world of Consumerism today, its not about what I can give up, but what can I gain and in turn Love because a chess piece on the board. Sadly this was my understanding my entire life, I used Love as a chess piece to maneuver, dodge and most of the time to trap, that is until Today.

To truly Love yourself, and others, and to have a wholesome and complete relationship you must pursuit surrender to yourself, God, and those around you and discard what you believe you are owed. In my case it is using this word in a Game Theory construct to justify ends and means. Surrender is the only way, the only way to purify your heart, you body, and mind in order to discover what Love is all about, but also to experience the Love that God has set before us in His Son Jesus Christ.

In my life I have never pursued surrender, because that means ultimately someone else other than me “Won”. In my Naivety, I believed that saying things like, I’m sorry, or apologizing made the others “right”. In doing so I burned many bridges with those around me, but most importantly the Bridge I built with God was slowly crumbling. I didn’t care because I was winning, I was getting what I wanted. In the aftermath of my actions over the past 27 years I began to blend in with the World, the World became part of who I was, and ultimately I forgot how to even love myself, I forgot how to Sacrifice.

In doing so, my friendships, and even the dating relationship with a great woman I had for a year and a half was slowly crumbling. That is when I realized that I had forgotten how to Love. I suddenly was overwhelmed by what this would require of me, it would require a sacrifice that I would have never thought about a year ago, it require me to put off all things, and pursue Surrender so my relationships would be reconstructed in the Image of a truly Christian Man.  Today is day one in my Pursuit of Surrender. God Bless



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