Reflective Faith, and Love

What is required of us, as Christians? It’s a thought that has been in my thought process for a little over two months. I know I should think about it more often, honestly we all should ask ourselves daily, What does Christ require of us? The simple answer is Love, and Faith. Thats the basic most simplistic answer I can think of at this time.
As we come into the holiday season(s) go deeper than that though. This is a time where we are compelled to give, either to family members, cousins etc. I’d like us for a moment to look outside of our family, even our church family. Look at the people that you neccessarily don’t associate with. The random person on the street asking for money, the ackward kid in class, the teammate maybe that just rubs you the wrong way. How do we treat those people as Christians.
Then ask yourself, does the faith I profess to have in church reflect the Love I show others? If it doesn’t then Houston we have a problem. Why is this a big deal? It deals with consistancy, being transparent to the “world”. The Love you show others can win their hearts, its a silent testimony for Christ. Secondly, it reinforces the fact to the World, and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that we are “Real”. John Lennon once said “I’ll believe in Christ, when His believers start acting like Him.” Its a tough quote to swallow, but lets ask ourselves this, if our Faith professed, was our Love reflected, would John Lennon have a point?

In Christ.


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